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Just A Simple Man

Trying to Make My Way In the Universe

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NAME: Ronin Cartalli
AGE: 35
HOME WORLD: Borleias
OCCUPATION: Freelance businessman (a.k.a. smuggler)
WEAKNESSES: Selfish, amorality, some might call him a coward, likes dangerous jobs
STRENGTHS: Knows how to avoid confrontation but always has his blaster ready in case, stands up for himself but knows his place on the totem pole, Good smuggler, treats his crew pretty well, in spite of his often amoral actions he does have some sense of morality
FACTION: Smuggler
REPUTATION: Dependable smuggler, transports almost anything with few questions about the product
PERSONALITY: Ronin puts up a tough front, sometimes to those that he shouldn’t. He does what he has to do to survive and make as much profit as he can. He’s good with a blaster, but he knows there are plenty of people out there who are better and could kill him without a second thought. He tends to be careful about jumping into confrontations. He’s not above a good brawl, though, especially when he’s had a few. He’s on good terms with his ship’s small crew, provided he keeps them paid. Ronin will deal with anyone, though he has a few regular employers (he likes to think of them as “clients”). For him, it’s whoever’s willing to hand over the credits. Ronin claims that he is willing to transport any cargo with few questions asked, regardless of what it may be. While this is true, he also checks each time to see just what it is he’s transporting, as he likes to keep of tally of all the different cargoes he’s taken over the years. He transports all cargo on his Nesst-class Light Freighter
BACKGROUND: Ronin was born on the world of Borleias. Though his mother died when he was only 10, his father continued to raise him and his three siblings. They lived a mostly comfortable life. After Ronin graduated, he joined his planet’s security force, known for its rampant corruption. It did not take much for young Ronin to become caught up in it and he spent years using the system to help his own gains. As time went on, however, his organization began to crack down on its dirty activities, exposing and arresting those responsible for the organization’s previous crooked state. When Ronin realized that his time was near, he fled Borleias and never looked back. He drifted for some time, working odd jobs and ending up in the Outer Rim. It was here that he met Unri Grel’tik, a Bothan smuggler, who ran a freighter with a small crew that included his daughter Vinalinn. Ronin would learn everything he knew about smuggling from Unri, and he became one of Unri’s most trusted and reliable crewmen. They ran together for a number of years until Unri was one day killed in cold blood by a Quarren named Tellen, a lieutenant for a crime lord Unri had run shipments for a number of times. Tellen tried to take out the rest of Unri’s crew, but Ronin was able to escape with only Vina in Unri’s ship. After that time, Vina and Ronin to continue in her father’s footsteps together, eventually acquiring the Nesst-class freighter and naming it Unri’s Shadow. They now run with a crew of four including Ronin and Vina, a Rodian slicer named Tuloo Greposa, and Odric Sal, a Whipid who acts as extra muscle for the crew of the Unri’s Shadow.
PERSONAL INVENTORY: One heavy blaster pistol, one vibroknife, one vibrosword that he usually keeps on his ship, his freighter Unri’s Shadow, and a hat that had been part of his uniform from Borleias’ security force.
ale, anyone with credits, bars, beer, blasters, clubs, credits, dancing, dejarik, fast ships, flying, food, freighters, fringe, galactic republic, gambling, grav-pool, holes in the wall, hutts, hyperspace, laro, lugjack, mandalorians, more credits, pazaak, pubs, punching out con men, punching out thieves, romancing, running away, sabacc, sleeping, smuggling, speeders, spice, staying put, swoops, tregald, unri, vinalinn, women