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Change of Course

Ronin looked back when he heard the cockpit door slide open to see Odric enter.  The Whipid moved to the co-pilot's seat as the door sealed behind him and sat down heavily, affixing Ronin with an expectant look. 

"So, Boss," Odric began, "what are you thinking?"

Ronin sighed.  "I think we may have to break our vow about not dealing with the Exchange.  I checked that bounty.  Tarph's not exaggerating.  We bring one of those in and we could each retire, probably to our own private moons."  Not that they would, even if they could, at least not yet.  Ronin, though, was beginning to feel the years creep up on him.  "This could be the one, Odric." 

From the look he had, Odric was clearly not sold on the idea.  "We thought we had that before, and we kriffed it up." 

"We've learned a lot from that.  And since," Ronin pointed out.  "We don't try this, mate, and we could regret it for the rest of our lives."

Odric shook his head.  "We'd need to bring in a Jedi..."

"And we just happen to know where to find one.  Maybe two," Ronin said with a smile.  "How many people can say that these days?  All we'd need to do is point Goto in the right direction and let him deal with it." 

Odric's face changed from reluctant to incredulous.  "Come on, Boss, do you really want to do that?  Betray them after they-?"

"We don't owe them a thing," Ronin cut him off in a deadly serious tone.  "We left them completely even, all bets off.  Sure, we may have helped each other out in the past, but that's what it is: the past.  This is now and some things may have changed, friend, but it's still every sentient for himself.  Still a rancor eat rancor galaxy.  We've got to do what it takes to survive."

"Even selling out former allies to the Exchange?" Odric asked.

"'Former' being the key word there.  We left that path long ago."  Ronin managed to grin as he rested a hand on his shipmate's shoulder.  "Don't worry, when you see those credits, you'll know it was worth it.  And I doubt Goto would be looking so hard for a Jedi if all he wanted to do is kill her."

"Uh huh, I'm sure there will be plenty of torture before he gets around to that," Odric remarked glumly. 

Ronin shrugged.  "Don't worry about it so much.  You'll see, everything will work out fine."  Though he knew Odric would follow any halfway sound plan they came up with, Ronin could see that some doubt remained. 

"It seems that you say that a lot," Odric remarked, "and yet it so rarely is."



December 2007

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